Buying a house may be the biggest and most complex investment of your life.  We invite you to schedule a 1:1 meeting with us so we may go over all the steps involved in buying your dream house.

25% cash rebates to our buyer clients

  • On a typical $400,000 starter house purchased in our area, our seller or builder paid commissions can be as much as 3% of sales price, which equals $12,000.  We pay 25% of that to our buyer clients meaning that if you bought your house through us, you could be receiving as much as $3,000 in FREE CASH at closing to use towards your closing costs.
  • We offer you house buyer consultations in MD, DC, VA.
  • We offer you access to our time-tested contacts; licensed contractors, inspectors, mortgage lenders, settlement companies, moving companies.
  • We bring over 30 years of negotiation experience.
  • We offer our buyer clients strategies to enable you to get the best terms and price for the purchase of your real estate.



What is a rebate?
The commission rebate is a form of commission sharing. As Real Estate Agents representing you in your new house purchase, we are paid a commission when you buy a house. To thank you for using our service, we share a portion of our commission with you.

Will I receive actual cash back?
The rebate will be made in the form of either a closing cost credit, applied towards option upgrades with the builder (if you purchase new construction), or applied as a reduction to your sales price. However applied, the rebate will give 25% of our seller or builder paid commission towards your house purchase. The rebate must appear on the Settlement statement, your sales contract and your Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Retainer Agreement. If the builder will not honor a reduction in sales price, a closing cost credit, or apply towards options, then our brokerage will provide the rebate after closing.

If I am contracted with another REALTOR, can I still get your rebate?
No, unfortunately you cannot. We must be exclusively representing you as your Real Estate Agents in order for you to receive your rebate from us.

If I have signed a contract with a builder, can I still get your rebate?
No, unfortunately you cannot. On your first visit to the Builder’s model home / sales center, the Builder needs to be notified that we are representing you as your Real Estate Agent and that we are offering to share our commission with you in the form of a closing cost credit, option price reductions or in a sales price reduction. Once the Builder has a signed, legal agreement, there is no obligation for them to change the terms of the agreement in order to pay commissions to us.

Couldn’t I just buy a house myself and ask the seller or builder to pay me the full buyer agent commission?
No, unfortunately you cannot. Per state rules, the only people who can be legally paid commissions in a Real Estate transaction are licensed Real Estate Agents. We are your key to unlocking additional savings through our House Rebate Program.

Why don’t more real estate agencies offer rebates?
There a couple reasons. One, many agents that could offer the rebate do not because they are stuck in the old way of doing things. Another reason, many Real Estate Agencies simply cannot afford to. In the traditional Real Estate model, the Real Estate Agency is owned by a Broker / Owner with Real Estate Agents working under them. They have high overhead due to retail office space, managers, operations staff, franchise fees etc. Any commissions earned are split between the Broker/Owner and the Real Estate Agents. When a client does the search and visits the models themselves they are greatly reducing our time and resources. By helping us reduce our overhead, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

If you’re giving away 25% of your commission, is your service to buyers less?
No. Besides getting the 25% rebate, you are also getting a full team of seasoned professionals. We are a full service Real Estate Agency that specializes in house sales with over 30 years of experience dealing with new and resale house sales. We provide assistance with contract negotiations, options selection, home inspections, structural inspections and selecting financing options. The site agent for the builder represents the builder’s interest, we represent your interest.

For our buyers:


“Section 17-604 provides that a licensee may not pay compensation in any form for the provision of real estate brokerage services to an individual who is not licensed.  A person who is simply a party to a real estate transaction is not providing real estate brokerage services within the definitions in Section 17-101, and therefore may receive monies from a licensee.  If the monies are used to pay settlement charges, that should be reflected on the HUD-1 form.  The agreement to pay compensation to a buyer in the form of a rebate of commission, or to compensate the seller either through a cash payment or a reduction of the commission rate must be in writing as required by the Code of Ethics, COMAR  The Maryland State Real Estate Commission has also taken the position that financial payments by a licensee to a party should be disclosed to the other party to the transaction, even if they are not required to be recorded on the HUD-1 form” – Office of the Attorney General, Counsel to the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

More information at this Dept. of Justice link

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NOTE: In order to receive a cash rebate, you must be a client of ours.  Our in-house listings are always excluded from this 25% cash-rebate offer.