Buying a house may be the biggest and most complex investment of your life.  We invite you to schedule a 1:1 meeting with us so we may go over all the steps involved in buying your dream house.  We happily serve first time buyers, mover uppers, empty nest downsizers, investors.

An audio message for buyers

Free cash for buying with us!

  • On a typical $400,000 starter house purchased in our area, our seller or builder paid commissions can be as much as 3% of sales price, which equals $12,000.  We pay 25% of that to our buyer clients meaning that if you bought your house through us, you could be receiving as much as $3,000 in FREE CASH at closing to use towards your closing costs.
  • We offer you house buyer consultations in MD, DC, VA.
  • We offer you access to our time-tested contacts; licensed contractors, inspectors, mortgage lenders, settlement companies, moving companies.
  • We bring over 30 years of negotiation experience.
  • We offer our buyer clients strategies to enable you to get the best terms and price for the purchase of your real estate.

*** Our in-house listings are excluded from buyer cash rebates.  MD Law regarding cash rebates