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About the company owners:
The “off the boat” immigrant husband-wife couple behind this family owned real estate brokerage firm licensed to broker sales in MD, DC and VA are Pepi and Elci Khara.  Pepi Singh Khara (CEO: licensed Broker in MD, DC, VA) was born in India and arrived in the United States in 1984 as a student.  He is a Penn State University graduate and following a brief career in hospitality management in Europe, Middle East and the United States, he transitioned into real estate sales in 1989.  Besides English, he speaks fluent Punjabi, Hindi and German.  His wife, Elci Thomas Khara (COO: licensed Salesperson in MD) is also an immigrant who arrived in the United States in 2015 from Brazil.  She is a lawyer in Brazil and has been practicing law for the last 15 years.  Besides English, she speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish.  Between the two of them, they speak six languages fluently and bring over 45 years of real estate and law experience to their clients and affiliate agents.  The firm was established in December 2001 and is headquartered in Bethesda, MD.


  • No floor duty
  • No minimum sales quotas
  • Full broker support via text to 301-662-9000
  • Firm is licensed in Maryland, DC, Virginia
  • Our agents attract sellers by setting their own listing commission rates, including offering “Flat Fee MLS” and “Fee-for-service” options
  • Our agents attract buyers with our 25% cash rebate program
  • Commissions wired to our agents within 24 hours
  • Calls from your signs are forwarded to you
  • Training and mentoring program
  • On-line CE Education from the comfort of your couch



Regarding rebates and flat fee MLS listings: I’d rather make 75% commission on a buyer purchase than nothing at all.  Similarly by offering a flat fee MLS listing service to budget minded sellers, I allow myself to get buyer leads via online and sign calls.  The business of real estate is rapidly changing.  Evolve of watch your business die off – Pepi Khara, CEO


You need not make the awkward call to your current broker to tell him/her that you have decided to move on to another brokerage.  Today, everything is automated online.  Once you’ve completed the steps below, your broker will receive an email from DLLR that you have transferred your license over to us.  It’s that simple.


1.  Text us to schedule a quick informal phone call with us

We conduct a brief telephone conversation with one another.  Following that, you’re merely a few steps away from making the official switch over to our firm.

2.  Sign agreement

We will email you our company agreement, company policy manual and W9 tax-form to complete and sign digitally on your smart phone or tablet.

More Listings.jpg

3.  Transfer licenses

You will follow the links below to automatically transfer your license(s) over to us.

Maryland license transfer:
Click here to access the Maryland transfer page link
Broker Registration Number: 304102
Branch Office: Leave this blank.  Since business is now done mostly online, we do not have any branch offices.
Broker Full Name: Pritinder Singh Khara
Broker Code: ISEL1 (first alphabet in code is a capital “I” as in India, followed by “SEL” and the number “1”.
Admin. Office Address: 6701 Democracy Blvd # 300, Bethesda MD 20817
NOTE: If you have questions about license transfer or need help, please call DLLR directly.  DLLR Tel: 1-888-218-5925 or 410-230-6230

Virginia license transfer:
Click here to download the Virginia agent transfer form.  After filling it out and signing it, please send us the original form via mail for the broker signature.
Our Virginia Broker License Number:
Our Virginia Corporate License Number: 0226-008385
NOTE: If you have questions about license transfer or need help, please call Virginia DPOR directly at 1-804-367-8500

District of Columbia license transfer:
Click here to download the District of Columbia agent transfer form.  After filling it out in blue ink and signing it, please send us the original form via mail for the broker signature.
Our DC Broker License Number:
PB 983 68 302
Our DC Corporate License Number: REO 983 68 303
NOTE: If you have questions about license transfer or need help, please call DCOPLA directly at 1-866-270-9817 or visit

4.  Inform Bright MLS

Bright MLS.pngBright MLS is the regional MLS (multiple listing service).  Membership in it is mandatory for active licensees.  Our Broker Code: ISEL1 (first alphabet in code is “I” as in Indiana, followed by “SEL” and the number “1”.  New licensees will need to join them.  Existing licensees will need to transfer over to our firmTo do either, please call them at 1-844-552-7444 or click on this link to update your records with Bright MLS.  Once you complete this step, they will send us an email to approve your transfer to ISELLHOUSES.COM, REALTORS.  Their training videos can be viewed at this You Tube channel.

5.  Inform GCAAR

We maintain association membership with GCAAR (Greater Capitol Area Association of REALTORS; the largest association in and around Metro Washington DC).  Membership in GCAAR is mandatory for active licensees.  If you are a new agent, you’ll need to join them.  To do so, please call them at 301-590-2000.  If you are already a member of GCAAR, fill out the GCAAR transfer form and return it to us via email.


6.  Order business cards, signs, name-tags through us

For design and consistency, all business cards must be ordered through the company upon joining.  Your business cards will look identical to the images of business cards seen here.  Personal photographs on business cards and other marketing materials are optional but if you wish to include your photograph, you must adhere to photo requirements below.

Photo requirements:

  • Must be taken by a professional photographer like this
  • Must be a head shot or portrait shot from the chest up
  • The best photographs are the ones that showcase your personality
  • Must be in professional attire and conservative business colors
  • Must be against a solid white or gray colored background


If you will be using company installed for-sale sign panels on wooden posts, you need NOT invest in yard signs.  All other signs (ie. name riders, self installed yard signs, directional arrow open house or for sale signs) must be ordered through our approved sign company.  We offer our agents two choices for yard signs (A) Professionally installed wooden post with brochure box, large company name panel that reads For Sale or For Rent, agent name and cell phone rider (B) Agent installed metal frame sign, For Sale or For Rent rider, agent name and cell phone rider.

Name-Tags-Combo (1).jpg

Want a magnetic name tag to work for you?  These magnetic backed name tags are time tested and they encourage people to talk real estate with you.  From a line at the bank to the grocery store, they tell the world what you do for a living.  Have your business cards ready to give out when you’re wearing these tags.

7.  Setup a Dropbox account

Dropbox Logo.png

Watch a YouTube video on Dropbox; an online system that allows you to upload scanned documents, photos, videos etc. into folders and then share those folders with your real estate clients, mortgage lenders, closing companies and us.  Your files are always available online and saved permanently.  This way should your computer malfunction you always have a place to retrieve your data.  Simply click here to get started.

8. Setup a Docusign accountDS Logo 2.jpg

Watch a YouTube video on Docusign; an online system that allows you to send listing and sales contracts to your clients for e-signatures, initials, dating etc.  No more having to print out papers.  Show your clients that you are a tech savvy agent.  Simply click here to get started.

9.  Review our business management links

We will enable you to review all our administrative methods, forms, checklists, office training and policy manual and show you how efficient and simple our day to day business management system actually is.  You’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

10.  Order optional print marketing through us

Our brokerage has a commercial account with a national graphic design and printing firm to help you customize and order any of the following printed items, drop shipped directly to your door in approximately a week.  If you do not want to order any marketing materials at this point, that’s quite alright.  If you do, contact the office for pricing information.  Items you may want to consider ordering for self-promotion include; Customized door-hangers, Company brochures onto which you can clip or staple your business card, Just Listed/Sold Postcards, Property fact-sheets on glossy card stock, Custom logo letterheads, Custom logo envelopes, Rolls of business card stickers, Car magnets and anything else you can imagine.  NOTE: Our design fee is $200 which allows you to order printed materials from any vendor of your choice.