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With a laser like focus on the millennial generation, when it was time to create a forward thinking real estate company, we started with a descriptive name that would embody the very essence of what we do for a living and a crisp modern look.  If you are a licensed to sell houses and are looking for a change to boost your profits, we invite you to consider a career with our firm.  135 agents have joined us in recent years and we continue to grow.  Our goal: to provide coverage in every US state in the lower 48. ISO nationwide independent brokers to partner with us.  If you believe that we are the right fit for you, please text 301-662-9000 to request a phone interview to join us.

Our catchy and hard to forget company jingle:

Our marketing department can help you add your voice to the beginning and end of it so you can share a customized version of it all over your social media!

  • We are licensed since 1989 in MD, DC, VA.
  • Full autonomy to run your business like an entrepreneur in an increasingly competitive profession.
  • Regularly uploaded videos for our affiliate agents for topics ranging from industry trends, training and business development.
  • Operate your business virtually from the comfort of your home or mobile office.
  • Free  yourself from the office and do business from anywhere using an iPad.  Meet potential sellers at the subject property.  Meet potential buyers in the conference room of your favorite mortgage lender.
  • A memorable company name and image for a new generation of millennial clients.
  • Teams are a great way for you to grow your business.  As a team leader you may setup your own splits with your team members.  Assign roles and duties, brand your team and watch your business expand exponentially.  Our affiliation fees make it a win:win for you as the team leader and for your team members.
  • Top notch marketing materials, including modern stand out business cards.
  • High visibility extra large post sign panels.
  • Unique email address (ie. for just $25 per year.  All email to this address can be forwarded to any other email address you currently use (ie. gmail, yahoo etc).


  • For each of your listings, we offer you a Unique Listing Page (ULP) branded to you on our website, devoted to your chosen listings to impress your seller clients (see image below).  This is a great listing presentation tool in a competitive marketplace.  Add your ULP link to MRIS for buyer agents and potential buyers to click through to it and watch an uploaded video, read any uploaded documents and disclosures of your choosing, view photographs, see 3D tours, aerial tours, all branded to you.  All sign call leads go directly to you.
  • Productivity coaching and full support from the principal broker who has 30 full-time years of experience in selling regional real estate.
  • No franchise fees nor national marketing fees to pay.
  • Free marketing dollars via what our company can save you by switching from your current brokerage split.
  • Our company website is a landing portal for sellers and buyers and we refer leads out to our agents.
  • We offer you to in your own voice, record an intro and/or exit audio to our company jingle to then post a customized jingle on your own social media, website, blog etc.


Will I get broker support?
Yes.  We are here to ensure your success and to help you remain in full compliance with all real estate activities.  If you are unsure about anything, have a question about a transaction, need advice on business development, please feel free to reach out to us by texting 301-662-9000.

Do you offer training?
Yes.  State laws require the brokerage to update and continuously train our affiliate agents a minimum of once every 60 days.  We do so by sending out written updates for you to read and acknowledge via digital signatures.  Furthermore, we are actively developing a series of training videos on an assortment of real estate topics for new and experienced agents, which once posted on this site, will forever be available to our agents at any time.

CES logo.png

Where will I get CE (continuing education) credits to keep my license active?
We recommend the CE shop for online CE classes.  Relax in the comfort of your own home to take all your CE classes.  Stop anytime and restart your classes where you left off.  Once you start using them, you’ll never want to sit in a regular classroom again.

May I negotiate my commission with my clients?
Yes.  We want our affiliate agents to be successful in an increasingly competitive marketplace and as such we allow you to be as flexible as you want to be.  You’re in business for yourself and therefore, free to set your own commission rates or customize them for your client depending on what is expected from you.

Do you allow agents to setup teams?
Yes.  Teams are a great way for ambitious agents to leverage themselves, create team branding in your regional marketplace and collectively be successful.  Our affiliation fee structure is perfectly suited for team building.  The team leader is responsible for all team fees and sets up his/her own split with his/her team members.  It’s like you running your company within the company.

Do you provide leads?
Yes.  Our company name was chosen with a specific purpose.  Our company website is designed to be the landing point for leads.  If an agent is requested by name, that lead goes directly to that agent.  All other leads are referred out in-house to our affiliate agents based on the location of the real estate, lead and agent.  Once a lead is accepted by our affiliate agent, an industry standard referral fee arrangement goes into effect between our agent and us, should that lead end up generating a commission for the agent.

Do you have physical office locations?
Yes.  Per Maryland law (where we are HQ’d), we are required to maintain a physical office within the state.  Our physical “administrative only” office location is in Bethesda, MD which fulfills our legal obligation.  That being said, the reason we are able to offer significantly better affiliation fees than our competitors is because we believe that in today’s technology driven world, the role of the physical office is greatly diminished.  ie. Look what Amazon is doing to the the retail sector still invested in brick and mortar locations.

Where will I meet my clients?
Anywhere.  If you have a seller calling you for a listing appointment, you will meet them at their property.  To enhance your chances of getting the listing, you’ll be armed with the following tools (1) a willingness to be as flexible as you want to be to earn their business, especially if they are also going to be buying another house through you (2) should you get the listing, for a small up-charge, we will provide you with a unique listing pages (ULP) on our website, devoted to your chosen listings to impress your seller clients.  This is a great listing presentation tool in a competitive marketplace.  Add your ULP link to MRIS, ie. click here for a sample page for buyer agents and potential buyers to click through to it and watch an uploaded video, read any uploaded information of your choosing, photographs, 3D tour links, all branded to you.  By simply adding “text me for current price” to the bottom of your ULP, all sign call leads go directly to you.  If you have a potential buyer, we suggest you schedule your first meeting with them in the conference room of your favorite mortgage lender who will pre-approve them for you before you sign them on as your buyer-clients and schedule properties to be shown to them.

What if I am a part-time agent?
That’s not an issue with us at all.  Our affiliation fees with 100% commissions are low enough to where even if you plan to sell only 2-3 houses a year as a part-time agent, we are happy to offer you a home at our brokerage.  Unlike other firms, we do not have any sales quotas for you to meet.

How are office meetings conducted?
Office meetings are not a requirement at our firm.  We share company updates, industry updates etc. via email to our affiliate agents.  We find that our affiliates value their time and prefer to watch online videos and webinars from the comfort of their home instead of attending office meetings.

If your firm HUD certified?

How does the firm handle escrow deposits?
We have systems in place where our affiliate agents deposit escrow checks, wherever possible with the settlement company, relieving us the burden of handling and accounting for escrow funds.

How does the firm payout commission checks?
Commission checks are always made payable to the firm but given to the affiliate agents per our instructions to the settlement company, who then deposit them into our commission account followed by sending us a “Post Closing Worksheet” on which they have calculated how much is being paid back to them by us.  We wire commission checks to our agents within 24 hours of receiving the post closing worksheet.

Can I pay my fees using my credit card?
Yes.  We accept credit cards via PayPal.

What type of marketing materials does the firm provide?
Our in-house graphic department has a corporate account with one of the nations largest printing company.  Anything from business cards, postcards, sell sheets, flyers, envelopes, letterheads, greeting cards, presentation folders, brochures, door-hangers, car magnets, large banners, flags, notepads, roll labels, stickers is at your disposal.  Our agents may ask us for a quote for any printed materials that they wish to buy.  If provided camera ready artwork by our affiliate agents, more often than not, we will beat the printed and delivery pricing of other printing services.  Our graphic designer is also happy to create custom pieces for you and bill you on a per-project basis.

Which sign vendor does the firm use?
We have all our company specific sign templates with Dee Sign Company.  Due to our strict design and consistency requirements, all our affiliates MUST use our sign templates and this firm for all sign orders, without exceptions.

How long does it take for me to transfer over?
If all your paperwork is in order and you follow the above steps, it typically takes 2 business days for you to be an official member of our real estate team.

What fees will I have to pay?
Other than your $50 monthly affiliation fee, here are some of the most common fees that agents pay.  $150 to setup each ULP (unique listing page) for the requesting agent, $60 for a magnetic name tag, $65 for 1,000 business cards, $150 for each wooden sign-post and panel install (which includes an optional brochure box), $150 to record and insert your voice message into the jingle at the top of this page, $495 per year for errors and omissions insurance paid every March.  There are no franchise fees, marketing fees, technology fees etc.


10 simple steps to join us today:

You need not make the awkward all to your current broker to tell him/her that you have decided to move on to another brokerage.  Today, everything is automated online.  Once you’ve completed the main steps below, your broker will receive an email from DLLR that you have transferred your license over to us.  It’s that simple.

1.  Select a fee plan and a complete a phone interview

Our most popular fee plan is where the agent pays a $50 monthly affiliation fee, $50 agent paid sales transaction fee, $395 client paid sales transaction fee, 100% commissions to the agent.  On rentals, $50 agent paid transaction fee and the client pays nothing.  E&O is $495 a year.  If you don’t want to pay $50 a month, you may choose our 70/30 split plan with all other items remaining the same.  After a brief telephone conversation with us, you’re merely a few steps away from making the official switch over to our firm.

2.  Sign agreement

Once we establish that we will be a good fit for one another, we will email you our company agreement to complete and sign digitally on your smart phone or tablet via Docusign.

3.  Transfer licenses

You will follow the links below to automatically transfer your license over to us.

MD Flag

Maryland license transfer:
Click here to access the Maryland transfer page link
Broker Registration Number: 304102
Branch Office: Leave this blank.  Since business is now done mostly online, we do not have any branch offices.
Broker Full Name: Pritinder Singh Khara
Broker Code: ISEL1 (first alphabet in code is a capital “I” as in India, followed by “SEL” and the number “1”.
Admin. Office Address: 6701 Democracy Blvd # 300, Bethesda MD 20817
NOTE: If you have questions about license transfer or need help, please call DLLR directly.  DLLR Tel: 1-888-218-5925 or 410-230-6230

VA FlagVirginia license transfer:
Click here to download the Virginia agent transfer form.  After filling it out and signing it, please send us the original form via mail for the broker signature.
Our Virginia Broker License Number:
Our Virginia Corporate License Number: 0226-008385
NOTE: If you have questions about license transfer or need help, please call Virginia DPOR directly at 1-804-367-8500

DC FlagDistrict of Columbia license transfer:
Click here to download the District of Columbia agent transfer form.  After filling it out in blue ink and signing it, please send us the original form via mail for the broker signature.
Our DC Broker License Number:
Our DC Corporate License Number: LL-98368303
NOTE: If you have questions about license transfer or need help, please call PEARSON VUE directly at 1-888-204-6192

4.  Inform Bright MLS

Bright MLS is the regional MLS (multiple listing service).  Membership in it is mandatory for active licensees.  Our Broker Code: ISEL1 (first alphabet in code is “I” as in Indiana, followed by “SEL” and the number “1”.  If you are a new agent, you’ll need to join them.  To do so, please call them at 301-838-7200.  Click on this link to update your records with Bright MLS.  Once you complete this step, they will send us an email to approve your transfer to ISELLHOUSES.COM, REALTORS.

5.  Inform association

We maintain association membership with GCAAR (Greater Capitol Area Association of REALTORS; the largest association in and around Metro Washington DC).  Membership in GCAAR is mandatory for active licensees.  If you are a new agent, you’ll need to join GCAAR.  To do so, please call them at 301-590-2000.  If you are already a member of GCAAR, fill out the GCAAR transfer form and return it to us via email or fax.

6.  Order business cards, signs, name-tags through us


For design and consistency, all new and reorder business cards must be ordered through the company upon joining.  Your business cards will look identical to the images of business cards seen here.  Personal photographs on business are optional but if you wish to include your photograph, please see our photo guidelines below.

  • Must be taken by a professional photographer (as in examples above)
  • Must be a head shot from the chest up
  • Must be in professional attire and conservative business colors
  • Must be against a solid white or other light colored background


All signs must be ordered through our approved sign company (ie. wooden post panel signs, name riders, self install yard signs, directional arrow signs).  We offer our agents two choices for yard signs (A) Professionally installed wooden post with brochure box, large company name panel that reads For Sale or For Rent, agent name and cell phone rider (B) Agent installed metal frame sign, For Sale or For Rent rider, agent name and cell phone rider.  Additionally we offer directional For Sale and Open House arrow signs that are customized with the name and cell number of the agent.


Want a magnetic name tag to work for you?  These magnetic backed name tags are time tested and they encourage people to talk real estate with you.  From a line at the bank to the grocery store, they tell the world what you do for a living.  Have your business cards ready to give out when you’re wearing these tags.

7.  Setup a Dropbox account

Dropbox Logo.png

Watch a YouTube video on Dropbox; an online system that allows you to upload scanned documents, photos, videos etc. into folders and then share those folders with your real estate clients, mortgage lenders, closing companies and us.  Your files are always available online and saved permanently.  This way should your computer malfunction you always have a place to retrieve your data.  Simply click here to get started.

8. Setup a Docusign accountDS Logo 2.jpg

Watch a YouTube video on Docusign; an online system that allows you to send listing and sales contracts to your clients for e-signatures, initials, dating etc.  No more having to print out papers.  Show your clients that you are a tech savvy agent.  Simply click here to get started.

9.  Review our policy, procedures and business management

We will enable you to review all our administrative methods, forms, checklists, office training and policy manual and show you how efficient and simple our day to day business management system actually is.  You’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

10.  Order optional print marketing through us

Our brokerage has a commercial account with a graphic design and printing firm to help you customize and order any of the following printed items, drop shipped from the printers in New Jersey directly to your door in approximately a week.  Our agents receive discounted pricing.  Beyond the required name of the brokerage and the main office phone number, everything can be customized and branded to our agents.  If you do not want to order any marketing materials at this point, that’s quite alright.  If you do, contact the office for pricing information.  Items you may want to consider ordering for self-promotion include;

  • Door-hangers
  • Just Listed/Sold Postcards
  • Property fact-sheets on glossy card stock
  • Custom logo letterheads
  • Custom logo envelopes
  • Car magnets