Pepi Elci


Pepi Khara & Elci Thomas-Khara

  • Pepi is the CEO of the firm, having recruited over 135 agents to work under his principal broker license.
  • We are a husband and wife team offering you 30 years of full-time real estate experience and 15 years of law experience for a total of 40 years of service expertise.
  • Our fees are low but we are a full service brokerage firm.
  • Firm is HQ’d in Bethesda, MD adjacent to Montgomery Mall.
  • Between us, we speak 7 languages fluently (Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, German, English).
  • Thousands of satisfied clients between us in the United States and Brazil.
  • 21 day “coming soon” period to prepare your house (repairs, staging, photography, marketing materials) and build interest for the first open house.
  • Sunday open houses hosted frequently by us or one of our agents.
  • Unique web-page devoted exclusively to your house on our website with wide angle, digitally enhanced photography and video featuring your house.

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Professional quality photography:

When you list with us, following staging, your house will be photographed using professional quality wide angle lenses to capture every vivid detail.  Multiple tripod images at different exposures with flash will be combined into one image.  Each image will then be carefully analyzed, optimized for color, clarity, brightness, composition, sharpness before being uploaded onto the multiple listing service, third party websites and the web-page devoted exclusively to your property on this web-site.



  • Pro-bono, staging advice to help get your house looking like a builders model.
  • Fire engine red, over-sized for sale sign on a gray wooden post with a brochure box for drive-by potential buyers.
  • Lock-box that other brokers can use to show your house by prior appointment.
  • Eco friendly “green” digital information packets featuring your house emailed to each visitor.
  • 24 hour accessibility to our clients at 301-662-9000.
  • Convenient digital signatures on all contracts saving you travel time.
  • In person contract negotiations, exceptional communication and diligent follow-up.
  • Cash rebates to our buyer clients (subject to local and state laws and applicable terms and conditions).
  • Our fee summarized:  $1,495 listing side fee, 2.5% fee to buyers agents, $495 transaction fee.


Steps to get your house listed / sold:

  • Text 301-662-9000 to schedule an in home consultation.
  • One of our REALTORS visits you, where we tell you what your house is worth per finished SF by analyzing data from the most recent comparable sales in your area.
  • We start planning to stage your house via our home staging checklist.
  • For the first 21 days, we announce to the public via the MLS that your house listing is “coming soon”.  This time period allows you to prepare the house for sale and build anticipation within the already existing pool of potential buyers in your area.
  • Your house is photographed, a sign and lock-box are installed, it is added to the MLS and on all major 3rd party websites (ie. Zillow, Trulia,
  • We promote, market and invite potential buyers to one weekend open house that we arrange at your property.  You need not leave your property during the open house. We coordinate all showing requests by other REALTORS on your behalf.
  • We solicit feedback from all REALTORS who have brought potential buyers to your house and share it with you.  Similarly, we track surrounding market activity so that your property remains competitive in an ever changing marketplace.
  • We represent you and negotiate all offers on your house and remain your advisers until settlement and handover of keys to the new buyer(s).

Time saving forms and house preparation tips for our potential seller clients:

Free cash when you buy a house with us:

Houses listed with REALTORS are added to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database so they may “share” listings with agents of other firms, thereby broadening the pool for potential buyers and making it easier to sell listings.  Sellers/builders pay their listing firm a percentage of sales price commission, who in turn pay a portion to any salesperson who produces the buyer.  In our area, the amount typically paid out to agents who represent buyers is 2.5% of sales price.  On a $500,000 sales price, this amounts to $12,500 as commission to the buyers agent.  Once a buyer enters into a retainer agreement with me that stipulates that I am only to receive 75% of the seller/builder paid commission, by default the remaining 25% gets credited to our buyer clients at the time of settlement.

The steps to get started are as follows;

  1. You text me at 301-662-9000 to schedule an initial consultation.  To save time, consider filling out this form to get your mortgage application process underway.
  2. You sign on to be my buyer client via retainer agreement that spells out my compensation and the amount I will “rebate” to you.
  3. I introduce you to a reputable local mortgage lender with whom you make a mortgage loan application.
  4. You get approved for a loan amount.
  5. You will identify your house search criteria by filling out this automatic MLS notifications sign up sheet within your financial parameters and begin to receive daily multiple listing service system generated links to matching listings.
  6. You and I go and visit the properties that interest you and I help you analyze each for pros and cons, house condition, long term property appreciation potential etc.
  7. You identify the house you want to buy.
  8. I help you negotiate an offer with the seller or builder.
  9. I help you fulfill all short term reviews and contingencies.
  10. You read through the pre settlement checklist and attend settlement with me, where you receive 33% of my seller/builder paid commission along with the keys to your new house.
  11. You tell all your friends how amazing the experience was 🙂

If you’re our buyer client, don’t go in alone:

In order to qualify to receive a commission from a seller or builder, one of us must accompany you as your buyer agent on your first visit to an open house or builders model home and “register you” as our client.  This is the only way for us to get paid and for you to receive our 25% commission rebate.  Should you go in alone, there is a 99% chance that the agent you speak to (who is representing the seller or the builder) will not agree to a cash rebate arrangement and you will have lost that opportunity.


Testimonial (first time buyer):

Testimonial (Spanish speaking buyer):

Our catchy jingle:


DISCLAIMER: Our limited time cash rebates are only available to our buyer clients, are subject to local laws, full written disclosure to all parties, lender approval, disbursement via adjustment at the time of settlement and may be withdrawn by us at anytime.  Amount paid to buyers agents by individual sellers or builders varies, therefore the cash-rebate amount to our buyer clients may also vary.  Elci is a licensed attorney in her native country of Brazil.