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10 Open house safety tips

The vanishing real estate office

Customized jingles for our agents

Your leads directed to you via ULP’s

How to lawyer proof yourself

Creating profitable teams

Competing for listings

Competing for buyers

The following podcasts are in production

Using Quantum Digital for direct mail postcards.

How we gather and refer leads to our affiliate REALTORS.

How to partner with mortgage lenders and settlement companies to share leads.

How to avoid breaking fair-housing laws.

All you need to know about FHA financing.

All you need to know about VA financing.

Why you should use the “coming soon” feature as often as possible.

How to get buyer leads without wasting time on hosting open houses by yourself.

How to get FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner’s) to list with you using this great offer.

How to get expired listings to list with you using this simple formula.

All you need to know about safety.

Interview with one of our affiliate agents.

Interview with a house staging specialist.

Interview with a house inspector.

Interview with a mortgage lender.

Interview with a settlement attorney.

Interview with a 1031 exchange specialist (for your investor buyer clients).

How to invest and save for your retirement years.

Twelve habits of highly successful people.

Networking yourself to rich relationships.

The power behind capturing email addresses and using e-newsletters to grab leads.

Awareness, interest, desire, action and how to funnel buyer leads to yourself.

How to protect yourself with a thorough CMA.

How to convince someone else to pay 1/3rd of your mortgage payment.