About Rebates/Cash Payments:

“Section 17-604 provides that a licensee may not pay compensation in any form for the provision of real estate brokerage services to an individual who is not licensed.

A person who is simply a party to a real estate transaction is not providing real estate brokerage services within the definitions in Section 17-101, and therefore may receive monies from a licensee. If the monies are used to pay settlement charges, that should be reflected on the HUD-1 form.  The agreement to pay compensation to a buyer in the form of a rebate of commission, or to compensate the seller either through a cash payment or a reduction of the commission rate must be in writing as required by the Code of Ethics, COMAR

The Maryland State Real Estate Commission has also taken the position that financial payments by a licensee to a party should be disclosed to the other party to the transaction, even if they are not required to be recorded on the HUD-1 form – Office of the Attorney General, Counsel to the Maryland Real Estate Commission”.