Ready to fund your retirement?


The power of passive, recurring income:

Earn passive residual income – forever!

How would you like to help us recruit and grow the company and be rewarded for it for perpetuity?  Think earning funds for your retirement savings, health care insurance, perhaps a college fund for a child, a second holiday home in the sun?

Recruit 25 producing agents and let us assume that each agent you recruit does 1 sales transaction a month.  Let’s look at what we will earn via transaction fees (TF) and what we will pay you.

  • Our income: $50 agent TF, plus $395 client TF = $445 per agent per month
  • $445 x 25 agents = $11,125
  • Your income: 1/2 of that or $5,562 per month or $66,750 a year


Caveat: You must recruit 25 agents for this plan to kick into gear but then it lasts for as long as you and your recruited agents remain as active agents with the firm.