Recruit 25 affiliate agents to unlock a residual stream of income for yourself and your family.

  • Not counting yourself, you recruit 25 licensed agents into our firm to unlock the benefits below which begin from that point going forward.
  • Your revenue stream # 1: You receive 49% of the monthly affiliation fees that your recruited agents pay.  Example: 25 agents x $50 = $1,250 per month.  Your 49% share of that is $612.50 per month. Man with money.png
  • Your revenue stream # 2: Each time any of your 25 or more recruited agents produces a sale, you’ll earn 49% of the transaction fees and the company will earn 51%.  Example: Lets assume that your 25 recruited agents each sell a house this month, that’s 25 transactions x a $395 client transaction fee + a $395 agent transaction fee = $19,750 in gross company revenue.  Your 49% share of that is $9,677 for that month.
  • This residual stream of income continues to you as long as you and your recruited agents remain with the firm and as long as the firm remains in business.
  • You may assign this benefit to a family member in the event of your demise.
  • Additional Revenue Streams: Should you be instrumental in helping me setup an “in-house” lender or settlement company, company profits generated via these tie-in arrangements will be shared 49% to you and 51% to the company.  This could further extend to any other tie-in agreements that you’re instrumental in helping me setup (ie. Insurance agent, Staging company, Professional photographers, Licensed drove operators, Storage units, Moving company etc).
  • To keep accounting simple, excluded from our revenue sharing agreement are company revenues associated with the following profit centers; E&O premiums, bank wires, sign installations, Unique Listing Pages, print marketing etc.

Your job is to recruit REALTORS; help motivate and train them to ensure a pipeline of transactions.




Pepi Khara, CEO
Text: 301-662-9000