• Comparative Market Analysis to help you establish a listing price.
  • Staging consultation to help you get your house ready for the market.
  • Comprehensive net sheet showing you a cost breakdown of all expenses related to selling your house and how much you will walk away with at closing.
  • House listed in the regional MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor (com) and all major 3rd party web-sites and apps.
  • Glossy brochures using commercial quality card stock.  These will be displayed in your house for potential buyers to take along.
  • Glossy post cards direct mailed to your neighborhood because statistics show that often times your neighbors will know someone who wants to move to the area.
  • Feedback solicited from agents who’ve shown your house and then shared with you, so you know what people are saying about your house, price, condition etc.
  • Contract negotiations with buyer agents on your behalf.
  • Reviewing sales contracts with you.
  • Reviewing final settlement sheet with you.
  • Digital contract signatures via DocuSign from the comfort of your sofa.
  • Lock-box so agents wanting to show your house can access it.
  • Wide angle photography with images optimized for color, clarity and sharpness.
  • Wide angle video of your house.
  • Unique page devoted to your house on this website.


  • For sale wooden post sign that is visible and identifiable from afar, directing traffic to our website and a unique page specially setup for your house.
  • Sunday Open Houses that’re advertised online at least a week before to build up interest from potential buyers who’re searching online.
  • Attending closing with you in person.
  • Pre-listing appraisal by a licensed appraisal firm if you seek a comprehensive and detailed value analysis of your house.  This option is perfect for unique one of a kind houses where comparable sales are hard to find.
  • Pre-listing house inspection, termite inspectionwater & sewer test (if your house has well water and a septic tank).
  • Staging service to help furnish a vacant house.
  • Storage pod rental in your driveway to haul away large furniture etc. before your house is ready for showings.
  • Aerial drone photos & video by a FAA certified drone operator.
  • 3-D Virtual walk-through of your house.  See sample here.
  • We’re members of the National, State and County Association of REALTORS.
  • We use legally prepared forms provided to us by our associations.
  • We’re by your side all the way and can attend final settlement with you.
  • Multiple languages spoken fluently by our affiliate agents.
  • Brokering houses in Mid Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia.
  • Thousands of happy clients.

Time saving forms and house preparation tips for our potential seller clients:

  1. Property disclosure disclaimer statement
  2. List of items included or excluded from the sale
  3. Regulations, Easements, Assessments disclosure for Montgomery county properties
  4. Utility cost history form for Montgomery county properties
  5. The law requires you to deliver the current years HOA/Condo docs to the buyer of your property for a 3-7 day (depending on which state your property is located in) review period before a purchase agreement can be considered finalized.  Order your HOA/Condo “resale packet” now through
  6. House staging checklist
  7. Open House Checklist
  8. Pre settlement checklists
  9. Radon information handout
  10. Smoke Alarm information handout
  11. The new reality of Property Insurance
  12. It’s a good idea to have your house inspected for termites before putting it on the market and then sharing the “no termite report” with potential buyers.  The cost to do so is $39 and the inspection can be ordered via

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